Editor in chief: SIPHO THE GIFT

Shot by: Luke Kuisis

Styled by: Gabrielle Kannameyer

Edited by: Oshoku

About iNDiGO ZiNE:

This zine was compiled during the making of the album and served as a creative catalyst for the album. 

I had just moved to Johannesburg and I couldn’t write or produce for months. Being frustrated I looked to another creative avenue to get things going. I was inspired by the vibrance of Joburg CBD and the people that filled it everyday, their trials and tribulations, their pains and pursuits. 

I decided to make a magazine that represented South African youth as a whole. I wanted it to represent our hustle, drive, insecurities, our cultural principles and motivations

I had so much fun making it I asked myself, what would a magazine sound like? And that how I started writing and producing again. The magazine became iNDiGO the album - A South African zeitgeist

With love ✨❤️